Better Learning

Cengage and McGraw-Hill are joining to create a new global learning company to provide students with more affordable access to superior course materials and platforms. The new company will positively impact the lives of millions of students globally and will accelerate and expand affordability initiatives for college students in the U.S.

Accelerating Affordability for College Students

Annual student spending on course materials has declined significantly over the last decade.

Source: National Association of College Stores. (2019). Student WatchTM Attitudes & Behaviors toward Course Materials 2018-2019 Report.

The new company will offer students even more value and more affordable textbooks and course materials.

Expands access to best-in-class content

Enhances learning experiences through proven digital platforms

Strengthens commitment to more affordable options

Delivers superior experience and value

More options, not fewer

The sources of higher education content, and the means of distributing that content, have expanded significantly over the last ten years. Given the increasing number of alternatives available to faculty and students, the companies estimate that the merged company would account for only 18% of all student course material decisions. This is because: (1) Cengage and McGraw-Hill together account for no more than 30% of higher education adoptions; and (2) even in those courses where the companies’ materials have been adopted, students often turn to a variety of alternatives including, used, rental, counterfeit/pirated, and instructor-generated materials.

Just as today’s college students have changed over the last decade, so has college textbook publishing. Students and faculty have more options for course materials than ever before, including new and legacy publishers, Open Educational Resources (OER), used, rental and those from our companies. When considered in this context, the reality is that the estimated share of the merged company only represents about 18% of all student course material decisions.

– Michael Hansen, CEO, Cengage

A Message from Simon and Michael

We’re excited to announce the merger of McGraw-Hill and Cengage. This new global learning company will deliver superior experiences and greater value for students, educators, and professionals worldwide.

The combined company will help accelerate innovation and accessibility, offering seamless integration across our range of learning sciences, adaptive solutions, and learning tools – like McGraw-Hill’s ALEKS and Connect, and Cengage MindTap and WebAssign.

We will strengthen our commitment to offering more affordable options for college students in the U.S. Both Cengage and McGraw-Hill have a track record of pioneering new initiatives to provide value for money, including the Cengage Unlimited subscription and McGraw-Hill’s Inclusive Access program. Together, these programs saved students $195 million in the 2019 academic year.

McGraw-Hill and Cengage have complementary missions, capabilities and talent. Together, we will be even better positioned to create new, locally impactful products that use leading educational technology to improve learning experiences and outcomes.

We look forward to this journey ahead and what we will be able to do for millions of learners, one student at a time.

Simon Allen
Interim CEO, McGraw-Hill

Simon Allen

Interim CEO, McGraw-Hill

Michael Hansen
CEO, Cengage

Michael Hansen

CEO, Cengage